• Straw

    Standard small bale of barley straw.

  • America's Choice ECO Flake

    All natural wood shavings bedding. Kiln dried to ensure minimum moisture content for maximum absorbency, as well as to kill any bacteria present. Triple screened to remove irritating dust. Made from eco-friendly softwood byproduct. Ship points from coast to coast.Environmentally Friendly Byproduct Fibers. High Absorption. Easy Pick

  • America's Choice Bedding Pellets

    More Absorbent - Highly compressed pellets expand to absorb more than conventional bedding. Saves time - Quicker cleanup because pellets drop through fork easily, so unsoiled bedding remains in the stall. Saves Money - Less expensive because you use less than conventional bedding. Healthier - Pelletized to reduce airborne dust particles, eye and respiratory irritation. Naturally reduces ammonia odor.