• Imperial Whitetail Beets & Greens

    Manufacturer: Whitetail Institute of North America

    Beets & Greens features annual seed varieties that are designed to work together to attract and hold deer throughout the fall and winter. These include the Whitetail Institute’s proprietary kale, turnip and radish varieties, as well as the sweet attractiveness of sugar beets. These components are included in Beets & Greens in ratios that Whitetail Institute testing has proven will provide abundant, highly attractive tonnage from early fall through late winter, as well as tubers to help deer through the harsh winter months. Designed for planting in the fall, Beets & Greens establishes and grows quickly.

  • Imperial Whitetail Oats Plus (Annual)

    Manufacturer: Whitetail Institute of North America

    PREMIUM oat product designed for early fall planting. Highly attractive to deer with a high sugar content. Includes Whitetail Oats – an oat variety so attractive it was removed from university grain-production trials and shelved due to heavy grazing by deer. Winter hardy. Includes small amounts of a specially selected winter wheat and triticale to boost cold-tolerance even further. 45lb Bag.